Spyderco 142PBBK Resilience Folder

Spyderco 142PBBK Resilience Folder

The large size and extreme cutting performance of the Resilience make it a popular choice among mi..


Spyderco  K19GPBNBK Itamae Gyuto

Spyderco K19GPBNBK Itamae Gyuto

Translated as "cow blade," the Gyuto is the Japanese equivalent of the Western chef's knife. Its v..


Spyderco 257GP Pattadese Folder

Spyderco 257GP Pattadese Folder

The Pattada was a modern interpretation of the traditional resolza, the signature folding knife of..


Spyderco  FB39GP Sustain Fixed Blade

Spyderco FB39GP Sustain Fixed Blade

Custom knifemaker Stuart Ackerman is a South African native who currently lives in New Zealand. A ..